3D Foam Cutting

Our company’s main profile is computerized CNC hot wire foam cutting, extruded and expanded polystyrene foam materials and EPP (polypropylene explandált)
made of three-dimensional 3D plastic signs, foam letters, different shapes, making geometric objects.
In addition to dealing with moldings cut, and foil cutting, the production of plastic inscriptions.
We emphasize also the model aircraft manufacturing and primary production model as well.
Four-axis machines to function independently controlled stepper motor allows up to two different forms of cutting

a material(for example, the material on one side of square circle at the other end), or even any rotation of the body, too!
Owe our success rates for marketable, reliable, fast, accurate and flexible to our work.
Fields of application

construction, interior design (eg, ornament, stucco, hidden viláígítás)
industry advertising (signs, labels, logos, decoration)
fairs (installations, decoration, oriásfeliratok)
modeling (profiled aircraft wings, complete with airplanes)