Laser cuting

The workpieces can be cut only vector data, gravírozni! (eg:. dxf format), photos, pictures, designs etc. ……, the laser cutting machine to understand the data, these should be drawn in, the planning, vektorized.

If our company entrusted with the machined workpiece (s) by drawing, designing, implementation of the vector form, working, so the planning began for all fourth-3000HUF + VAT per hour design fee will be charged! The laser-cutting 7000HUF hourly rate + materials + VAT (minimum -1000HUF)!

Some important information for those who want to cut yourself I want to design the pieces of their work:

It is important that you want to cut part of the continuity in some places (2-4), 0.5 mm in length should be aborted.

It is important that You don not want thecomponents  to fall out of place in the “tray” in which the laser beam can burn up, and so the product becomes unusable. In addition, the cutting head is stuck in it and ruin the piece. Wood, thin plastic, paper …… etc case. This of course does not apply to the plexiglass.

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